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Cutting edge and bespoke research

The DEFI Innovation Lab, directed by Prof Rupert Wegerif and led by Dr Imogen Casebourne, aims to explore and foster innovative ways of teaching and learning via new technology. We help our clients and partners in industry, government, and academia to investigate approaches that were not possible before and could potentially result in new ways for people to learn and flourish in a time of global change.

Fostering Innovation

DEFI supports digital education innovators in achieving their vision, through access to thought leaders and cutting-edge research 

Leadership team

Prof Rupert Wegerif

Prof Rupert Wegerif


Dr Imogen Casebourne

Dr Imogen Casebourne

Research Lead

Research services

Based at the University of Cambridge, the DEFI Innovation Lab offers a scalable approach to achieving your research goals. Mix-and-match the modules below to give your project a boost. Or, allow our network of experts to manage the complete project from design to publication. 

Accelerate your digital education research with some or all of these services:


Choose our bespoke trends analysis service.

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s To help you with
Early warning of upcoming trends and developments that could have an impact on policy or strategy.

By delivering
A horizon scanning service or a delphi consultation process.

Resulting in
Early insight into factors you may want to consider as you shape your strategy.

Research planning

Guidance on your research focus and aims.

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t To help you with
Refining your research question, focus, and aims

By delivering
An initial workshop or  webinar with your organisation

Resulting in
Refined research questions and a high level research strategy that you can take forward.

Literature reviews

Scalable from rapid evidence scans to systematic reviews.

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To help you with
Gaining a view of the existing evidence and any gaps that might exist.

By delivering
A map of the research landscape and a report.

Resulting in
An overview of the research on a topic of interest, which you can use to plan future research, or to guide design.

Data review and analysis

We can advise on your methodology or directly provide analysis via our network of PhD researchers.

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To help you with
Analysing your data.

By delivering
One or more PhD analysts, with a  background in the appropriate methodology, who can help you move forward.

Resulting in
An interim report of findings from data analysis.

Report review and analysis

Written peer review of your finished research report, prior to publication

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To help you with
Reviewing your finished report.

By delivering
A day of an expert in the field to review and comment on your report.

Resulting in
One or two paragraphs of commentary, which you may append to your report.

Delivered by a diverse, expert team

The DEFI Innovation Lab delivers its services through the expertise of DEFI team members, researching the application of digital technology to a variety of educational topics, including:

  • Dialogic
  • Professional development
  • Pedagogical innovation (including AI and machine learning)
  • Medical education
  • Design Based Research

Clients include:

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Our work

Featured in:

Cover of Irish Educational Studies

A Scoping Review of Future Skills Frameworks

DEFI Innovation Lab members conducted a scoping review of 99 frameworks, which included 341 separate skills concepts. Using thematic analysis and Social Network Analysis (SNA), the research team synthesised these concepts into 9 categories of Future Skills, which educators, policy makers, and industry professionals can use to ensure that learners are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of an uncertain future.

Read the journal article
in Irish Educational Studies