GEC-ASI Global, an Advanced Studies Institute nurtured from GEC Academy, is committed to pioneering educational models for fostering future global talent.

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DEFI collaborates with GEC-ASI Global, to spearhead innovative solutions to future global challenges by integrating technology into educational advancements. This partnership encompasses a wide range of cooperative activities, including joint academic research, talent training, and top-level seminars and workshops.

We are dedicated to researching, developing, and implementing curriculum that enhances AI literacy for Human-AI Collective Intelligence, as well as projects focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to elevate global awareness of future education, with AI driving the evolution of educational paradigms. This initiative prepares teachers, students, and EdTech developers for the teaching and learning demands of tomorrow.

The signing ceremony in February 2024 at Suzhou, China

AI for Research Competence programme – To be held in August, 2024

  • To induct students into the research community while at the same time introducing topical themes related to Artificial Intelligence in academic research. A selection of practical and collective activities will aim to foster the establishment of student-led research clusters, focusing on shared areas of interest within AI research.
  • To provide research training that is timely, relevant, and critical, by addressing ethics and issues of AI-supported knowledge production.
  • To create a series of artefacts resulting from engaging students with practical but critical approaches to utilizing AI in research. These will underscore the complexity and potential of AI, moving beyond the immediate and pressing questions of academic integrity and potential bias in data, to foster a broad and nuanced understanding of the future potential of AI applications and the variety of ethical questions around their future deployment.

Designing for the Classroom of the Future programme

  • Exploring foundational issues related to the role of AI in education, such as how AI can reshape teaching practices and the future of education.
  • Explaining the workings, capabilities, and limitations of Generative AI (GenAI) and discussing the ethical implications and broader impact of AI.
  • Providing guidance on the productive and ethical use of AI in teaching, including the creation of lesson plans and strategies for integrating AI into the curriculum through hands-on experimentation with GenAI.

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