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Short-term visiting educational researchers

DEFI is fortunate to draw from the expertise of leading academics from around the globe through our DEFI STRIx researcher programme. STRIx researchers are invited to work and study in Cambridge for one to four weeks, during which time they are embedded alongside DEFI staff at Hughes Hall.

Building digital education knowledge and community

The STRIx programme allows DEFI to explore innovative education models from a wide range of international visiting academics. While in Cambridge, each STRIx researcher facilitates a talk or workshop, expanding the academic experience of staff and students in Cambridge, while futhering connections to other academic institutions around the world.

What does STRIx mean?

We chose STRIx as the acronym for Supporting Translational Research and Innovation, which is the main goal of this programme. We added an x to make strix, which is latin for owl, the emblem of Hughes Hall. And, through trans disciplinary collaboration with our STRIx researchers, we hope to take research in the field of digital education to the x power!

DEFI STRIx researchers

Dr Michael Hogan

Dr Michael Hogan

Senior Lecturer, University of Galway

February 2023

More information about short-term research at DEFI

The DEFI STRIx programme is open to self-funded academics with the interest and expertise to help us shape the future of digital education. Contact us to learn more and start a conversation.