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Camtree, the Cambridge Teacher Research Exchange, is the DEFI project creating a global platform for educators around the world who wish to reflect on their practice and conduct research on learning in their classrooms and institutions.

Our research exchange platform will enable them to share and publish their research and to learn with, from and on behalf of like-minded colleagues around the world. This in turn will contribute to a growing knowledge base of early-stage pedagogic innovations that can inform policy, practice and improve learning outcomes for all – especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

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A growing weight of evidence now demonstrates that a highly effective way of improving pupil outcomes in schools is for leaders to lead teachers in conducting informed, collaborative classroom research into the learning of their students.

Robinson et al.’s 2009 meta-study of 800 research projects found this approach leads to improvements of such scale that those students previously four fifths down the rank score order in the school population improve to the level of the former highest attaining students. And the former average and highest scoring students improve to the same degree. 

Through this collaborative, research-driven approach, teachers develop a much greater and a shared awareness of how their curriculum and teaching are affecting their pupils’ learning and exactly what needs to be done to improve it.

Camtree will be the world’s first platform that helps teachers and school leaders to improve learning in this way.

And by developing a growing global community of active classroom practitioner-researchers and leaders sharing their work, it will promote improved outcomes in classrooms world-wide.

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