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Camtree, the Cambridge Teacher Research Exchange, is a global platform for educators around the world who wish to reflect on their practice and conduct research on learning in their classrooms and institutions.

Our unique digital library enables them to share and publish their research and to learn with, from and on behalf of like-minded colleagues around the world. This in turn contributes to a growing knowledge base of early-stage pedagogic innovations that can inform policy, practice and improve learning outcomes for all – especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.



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A growing weight of evidence demonstrates that collaborative teacher inquiry, supported by committed and enlightened leadership, can contribute to enhanced outcomes for learners; professional development for teachers; and system-wide improvement.

Camtree supports teachers and educational leaders to plan and carry out educational innovation and inquiry and share their findings with a global audience.

Through collaborative, research-driven approaches, teachers develop a much greater and a shared awareness of how their curriculum and teaching are affecting their pupils’ learning, and exactly what needs to be done to improve it.

Camtree is the world’s first platform that helps teachers and school leaders to improve learning in this way.

And by developing a growing global community of active classroom practitioner-researchers and leaders sharing their work, it promotes improved educational outcomes world-wide.

Teacher training

What we do

Camtree operates in four ways to:

Promote and publish high-quality, ‘close to practice’ practitioner research amongst a growing international community of Camtree practitioner-researchers

Camtree supports communities of research-active educators and research leaders across the world to conduct, promote and publish high-quality, close-to-practice research. Camtree is also working with organisations who already curate collections of teacher research to integrate these with the growing Camtree Digital Library.

Provide training and support for research-led improvement and leadership in schools, higher education and other formal/informal settings

The Camtree platform provides e-learning, live and recorded webinars, blended courses, and consultancy, training and support to practitioners and schools. We work with international partner organisations to develop bespoke programmes of development and research and enable them to publish their findings as collections in the Camtree Digital Library.

Publish research findings and reports produced by educators, and synthesise these to inform policy and practice

By creating the world’s largest and most current database of classroom research, Camtree will be able to provide commissioned analyses and advice on educational issues, as well as publishing regular insight reports based on syntheses of Camtree studies. Customers will range from education publishers and ed-tech companies to schools, school systems, policymakers and decision-makers.

Host Camtree domain and digital library services for educational providers, school systems and governments worldwide

Camtree partners – who include universities, education service providers, large school systems and government education departments – will be able to develop and curate their own Camtree online domains and library collections.  Adoption of international data sharing and preservation protocols, a commitment to open-access publishing, and the use of cutting-edge AI technologies will allow the cumulation, mobilisation and synthesis of teacher knowledge worldwide.