Dr Pete Dudley

Camtree CEO

Dr Peter Dudley is a member of the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education and has a track record of success leading and innovating in school systems and national policy, as well as researching and evaluating these changes. He has been president of the Singapore-based World Association of Lesson Studies for five years representing over 50 countries working closely with leaders in this field worldwide. As National Director of the last UK Labour government’s National Strategies for education he created WhatWorksWell – a forerunner of Camtree that attracted huge national and international audiences and participation.

At DEFI, Pete is the CEO of Camtree, the Cambridge Teacher Reserach Exchange, our largest research programme and a new global platform for close to practice research in education. He is also a founding member of the DEFI steering committee and has been involved since the earliest days of the organisation.