Dr Fawaz Abu Sitta

Chief Futurist, Center for Futures Studies

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Dr. Abu Sitta is a Hughes Hall visiting fellow in 2022 and 2023, helping DEFI to explore horizon scanning, futures literacy, and foresight. He was also named the UNESCO Chair for Anticipatory Systems in November 2022.

In addition, Dr. Abu Sitta is the Foresight Research Director at the Center of Futures Studies, the University of Dubai and an adjunct faculty in the Master of Professional Studies: Future Foresight & Planning at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Dr. Abu Sitta is based in the UAE and was the co-author of the first edition of Dubai e-Government Model, which laid the foundation for the Dubai Government Digital Transformation. He is currently the Head of Strategic Projects and Future Foresight Management Office at the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Abu Sitta’s research focus and interest is in the futures thinking, scenario planning, and systems thinking with emphasis on developing anticipatory systems. He holds an MSc in Foresight from the University of Houston and PhD from the University of Bath.