Dr Imogen Casebourne

Innovation Lab Research Lead

Photo of Imogen Casebourne

Dr. Imogen Casebourne is the research lead at the Innovation Lab at DEFI. She has a DPhil in Education (Oxon) and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence, for which she developed an AI program that wrote short stories (Sharples & Pérez y Pérez, 2023 p.8-10). She recently co-edited a book for Springer on AI and Education and co-authored a paper on AI and Collective Intelligence (forthcoming). In 2023, she designed and taught a short introductory course on AI and Education for students at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. She is currently a co-convener of the BERA special interest group dedicated to AI and intelligence, and works alongside UNESCO Futures Chair Dr. Abu Sitta, on DEFI’s Horizon Scanning and Futures thinking projects. 

Imogen is interested in the design, development, deployment and evaluation of educational technology, and particularly in the role technology might play in supporting experiences of community, dialogue and serendipity in learning. Prior to joining DEFI, Imogen consulted for multiple organisations, including a leading Business School, Wikipedia and the NHS. She is also an award-winning EdTech designer with projects including a Maths Revision App for Harper Collins, and a mobile authoring tool which went on to become GoMo learning.

Recent publications

Abu Sitta, Fawaz, Bryan Maddox, Imogen Casebourne, Sarah Hughes, Martina Kuvalja, and Tim Oates. ‘The Futures of Assessment – Navigating Uncertainties through the Lenses of Anticipatory Thinking’. Cambridge: Digital Education Futures Initiative (DEFI) & Cambridge University Press and Assessment (2023). ISBN number: 978-1-7384336-0-5.

Casebourne, Imogen. ‘Left to Their Own Devices: An Exploration of Context in Seamless Work-Related Mobile Learning’. British Journal of Educational Technology  (2024). https://doi.org/10.1111/bjet.13410.

Casebourne, Imogen. ‘Navigating Context and Conflict – Investigating Seamless Mobile Learning through the Lens of Hedegaard’s Framework’. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction 47 (2024): 100837. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.lcsi.2024.100837.

Hogan, Michael J., Adam Barton, Alison Twiner, Cynthia James, Farah Ahmed, Imogen Casebourne, Ian Steed, et al. ‘Education for Collective Intelligence’. Irish Educational Studies (2023): 1–30. https://doi.org/10.1080/03323315.2023.2250309.