Steve Watson

Associate Professor

Andreas Stylianides

Steven Watson is an Associate Professor at the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Education. He is transdisciplinary researcher working across the disciplines of sociology, philosophy, psychology and engineering.  

His current research mainly explores the effects of Large Language Model AI, like ChatGPT, on educational systems. His studies utilize social systems theory, phenomenology, design-based research, and historical sociology, with a focus on areas such as media, policy, politics, knowledge, education, inclusion, STEM and mathematics education, and professional learning for teachers.

He earned his degrees in engineering and educational studies from institutions including the University of Cambridge, the Open University, and the University of Nottingham in engineering and education. He also received a Postgraduate Certificate of Education from the University of Sheffield, granting him qualified teacher status. Before his academic career, he gained experience in various sectors such as retail, business, media and telecommunications as and he also served as a mathematics teacher in state secondary schools