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DEFI Research Network

Writer Meets Readers with Diana Laurillard

In this dialogic event, renowned academic Prof. Diana Laurillard joined us to discuss her paper: The pedagogical challenges to collaborative technologies

An audience of PhD students and academics from Cambridge and around the globe engaged in a dynamic, friendly discussion of the paper. Following discussion, our invited author reacted to the conversation in a productive, exploratory discussion with the audience to keep opening new avenues of thought about the challenges of pedagogy and collaborative technologies within and beyond her own current writing. 

Programme highlights

  • 4:28 Background information from Diana Laurillard
  • 14:03 Response to paper from Kinga Petrovai
  • 22:42 Response to paper from Tyler Shores
  • 28:47 Comments from Oudai Tozan
  • 32:04 Comments from Imogen Casebourne
  • 36:40 Cynthia James – How can this framework be used in Teacher Professional Development?
  • 45:04 Xinyi Cao – Has this mode of learning changed as a result of COVID-19?
  • 49:15 Imogen Casebourne and Kinga Petrovai- Pandemic leading to questionable practices in collaborative learning
  • 52:30 Ruper Wegerif – Does technology change the pedagogy?
  • 54:55 Ioannis Katsantonis – Since 2009, have we seen changes in how education technology is being designed, to reflect the needs of individual users?
  • 56:22 Response from Diana Laurillard
  • 1:17:27 – What are most common mistakes in implementing the framework?
  • 1:22:32 – Representation of the Learning Designer

Session conveners

  • Prof Rupert Wegerif, DEFI director
  • Dr Pablo Torres, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Dr Imogen Casebourne, DEFI Innovation Lab Research Lead

This event was held via Zoom on 12 May 2022.

About Diana Laurillard

Diana is Professor of Learning with Digital Technologies at the UCL Institute of Education. Prior to this, she was Head of the e-Learning Strategy Unit at the Department for Education and Skills and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for learning technologies and teaching at The Open University.

Among her many awards and recognitions, she has earned a 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award from The E-Assessment Association and a 2016 Honorary Life Membership of the Association for Learning Technology.