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Inquiry-based KS2 classroom STEM resources

Inquiring Learners is a team of academics and educators at the University of Cambridge who develop inquiry-based resources based within different areas of the primary curriculum. This will help children to learn disciplinary knowledge about curriculum subjects through discussion and thinking with the teacher and each other.

Inspired by our first set of resources, the Playground of Ideas, an introduction to communication skills for children aged 6-8, our new resources are aimed at children aged 7-11, and correspond with different subjects in the curriculum for Key Stage 2 in the UK.

Our research

We have developed these resources with input from teachers and school leaders, but we want to find out what their impact is on children’s learning and to get a better sense of how they are being used by teachers. We think that our work is only useful if it’s working well for teachers and children in the classroom, so we solicit feedback from teachers, while using data from the pre- and post-assessments completed by children.

Inquiring Learners programmes

Inquiring Online

Teaching Media Information and Literacy and fighting fake news linked to the KS2 Computing and PSHE curricula

Inquiring Science

Inquiring Science logo

Resources for teaching the Ways of Working Scientifically aspect of the UK National Curriculum

Inquiring Maths

Inquiring Maths logo

Dialogic exploration of stats and data handling topics within the KS2 Maths curriculum

More information for teachers and practitioners is available on the Inquiring Learners website. Or contact us by email.

Inquiring Learners team

Prof Rupert Wegerif

Prof Rupert Wegerif

Principal Investigator

Jude Hannam

Jude Hannam

Research Assistant

Rosie Walsh

Rosie Walsh

Maths Consultant

More information about Inquiring Learners

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