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Writers Meet Readers, featuring Profs. Michael Cole and Roy Pea

In this dialogic event, world-renowned academics, Emeritus Prof. Michael Cole (University of California, San Diego) and Prof. Roy Pea (Stanford University) joined us via Zoom to discuss their latest paper: The living hand of the past: The role of technology in development (Human development, Vol. 62).

00:21 Introductions from attendees in Cambridge

3:23 Introduction from Dina Fajardo-Tovar

3:58 Introduction from Imogen Casebourne

5:08 Opening talks from Roy Pea and Mike Cole

10:45 Reaction from Alison Twiner

16:02 Reaction from Dina Fajardo-Tovar

The paper we discussed can be accessed at: https://doi.org/10.1159/000496073

An audience of PhD students and academics from the Faculty of Education at Cambridge engaged in a dynamic, friendly discussion of the paper among themselves, with questions from our virtual audience members who joined from around the globe. Following discussion, both invited authors reacted to the conversation and engaged in a productive, exploratory discussion with the audience to keep opening new avenues of thought about the role of technology in human development within and beyond their own current writing.

This meeting was held on Wednesday 23 February 2022 via Zoom, with a small group of participants at the Faculty of Education, Cambridge participating in a hybrid format.

Session conveners

      • Prof Rupert Wegerif, DEFI director
      • Dr Pablo Torres, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
      • Dr Imogen Casebourne, DEFI Innovation Lab Research Lead
More about the authors
Michael Cole

Michael Cole is Professor Emeritus at the University of California. He is renowned for his significant and influential contributions to understanding the cultural and historical construction of human life and the implications of collective social practices for human development. Through ingenious, cross-cultural, and ethnographically grounded analyses, he has shown how literacy, schooling, and development are related to learning in everyday life in and out of schools.

Significant publications, almost all of which were collaborative efforts with various colleagues include The Cultural Context of Learning and Thinking (Basic Books, 1971), Cultural Psychology Harvard University Press, 1996), The Development of Children (2008), and The Fifth Dimension: An After-School Program Built on Diversity (Russell-Sage, 2006). Professor Cole’s current research is focused on the creation of University-Community partnerships.

Roy Pea

Roy Pea is David Jacks Professor of Learning Sciences and Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. He has extensively published works in the field of the Learning Sciences and on learning technology design and has made significant contributions to the understanding of how people learn with technology.

His studies and publications in the learning sciences focus on advancing theories, research, tools and social practices of technology-enhanced learning of complex domains, including his role as Co-Director and Co-PI of the NSF-funded LIFE Center (2004-2014), which sought to develop and test principles about the social foundations of human learning in informal and formal environments with the goal of enhancing human learning from infancy to adulthood.